Kitchen Remodel – Kinnelon, NJ

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Kitchen Remodel – Kinnelon, NJ – A historic Farmhouse Kitchen

Historic Kinnelon, NJ Home needs a kitchen that reflects the character of the home and owner!

Sometimes in the course of a historic home’s evolution something is missed or done that does not compliment the true character of the home or its current owner. Such was the case with my clients in Kinnelon, NJ. Some time back a prior owner had done a reasonably nice but somewhat unfitting kitchen remodel. While many of the appliances were great the layout and cabinetry were just not reflective of the home’s historic stature nor did the kitchen fit the owner’s lifestyle. We always try to mirror an owner’s life and lifestyle and every project must be harmonious with the rest of the house. Can you guess what a significant influence was for my clients?

Kinnelon Kitchen Remodeling Retrievers

If you guessed it is the couple’s 2 Golden Retrievers you are correct but how can your pets be reflected in your kitchen remodeling and create a modern functional design fitting with the couple farm house?

The design unfolds with additional space, classic materials, farmhouse features, and yes the dogs!

Kinnelon Kitchen Remodeling Design Plans

The big moment is here and the Kinnelon farmhouse has a new kitchen!

The new cabinets are made of substantial woods, finished in white-wash type stain and they are intentionally worn away to produce a finish fitting with the farmhouse’s character. While the cabinets have the look and substance of 100 year old woods they still offer modern and efficient features such as ball bearing glides and pull out shelves that make life in this century much more convenient.

Kinnelon NJ Kitchen Remodeling Completed 04In this day and age it is not as common to build something to last for 50 or 100 years as maybe it once was. We like to think we look a lot longer into the future than the typical remodeler or designer. Putting a kitchen that will be just satisfactory for a few years into a 100, or 200 year old historic home just seems wrong. We have come to find the throw away mentality also does not measure up at any point during its life where as quality lasts and satisfies for a very long time. Take a look as we reveal a well thought out and substantial kitchen that is so comfortable in its historic farmhouse that it might have been the original kitchen.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Finish

The finish of these cabinets was a work of art in itself.  When making new look old, there is the hand of the artist to consider!  Fortunately, we were in talented hands of some amazing artisans.

The color of the cabinets is chosen first.  This process can be laborious.  There are many elements to consider especially in an older home.  The adjacent rooms and their motif certainly play a large role!  We chose a Benjamin Moore Antique color.

Then the finish of the color needs to be considered.  Too glossy a finish and things appear very modern and sleek.  Too dull a finish and any dirt or oils will have a tendency to stain the finish.  Here we chose a semi gloss finish that was hand sanded.

The sanding process is where all efforts can go sour if not done artfully.  If natural wear is kept in mind while the artisan is sanding through the layers of paint and finish to reveal the beauty of the wood species that lies underneath, then end result are believable.  This can be done where the sanding basically ruins all the previous work.  This is the part where all trades hold their breath!  Placement of a believable scratch by the handle of the cabinet, curious wear where a hand may repetitively brushed the door,  rounded corners where the coffee maker may be used everyday, are all things that help the believability.  Then there is the technique itself to consider.  If sanding is rushed in the process, it will gum up layers of paint and lacquer.  All need to be carefully weighed.  This is why there is a considerable fee involved, but when done properly, the results are charming

Kinnelon Kitchen Remodeling Completed 02               Kinnelon Kitchen NJ Remodeling Completed


Kinnelon Kitchen Cabinets 1    Kinnelon Kitchen Cabinets 2

Kitchen Lighting

A project with a low ceiling presents challenges that are both interesting as well as frustrating.  When considering the traffic flow of a room, a designer will provide ample lighting usually with ceiling fixtures.  When the ceiling is not as high as the typically required height of  8’-0”, a ceiling mounted fixture may pose a problem.  Maybe recessed lighting would be considered.  In a ceiling such as this one however, the ceiling joists were not as tall as a typical ceiling.  Again, this presents a challenge.  The heat that is emitted from the “cans” of a recessed lighting fixture can pose a fire hazard if not properly vented and insulated.  Thankfully there are specifically designed fixtures available with shortened housings that were employed in this kitchen.  Coupled with the in cabinet and under cabinet lighting, this kitchen is still adequately lit even on the darkest rainiest of days!

Working with this Kinnelon Farmhouse Kitchen was all joy!

This project was a pure labor of love, almost like giving the house back a little part of its soul with a much more fitting kitchen. Having incorporating the substantial woodwork, granite counters, hand hammered copper sink, cabinets with a fitting patina all along with the modern conveniences expected in a kitchen today we finally have a wonderfully finished product. The outcome was the result of listening closely to the client’s goals, incorporating their lifestyle, and crafting a kitchen that is harmonious with the original home. We hope you enjoyed following this story with us and invite you to call us to look at your next project.

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Kinnelon Kitchen Copper Sink


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