Brookside NJ Kitchen Remodeling

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Brookside NJ  Kitchen Remodeling (Mendham, Twp)

Follow along as we renovate a kitchen in a wonderful, historic home in Brookside, NJ. (Mendham Twp.) This is a charming bungalow style home but the kitchen needs to be modernized to meet today’s lifestyle. One of the major challenges of an old home is the lack of storage. This family of 4 hired Loree Designs Inc to renovate the kitchen area.

Brookside Kitchen Before 01  Brookside Kitchen Before 02  Brookside Kitchen Before 03

The Planning process for this Brookside NJ Kitchen Begins!

Loree Designs is honored by the opportunity to design the kitchen renovations that this family of four is embarking on.  After exhausting all design possibilities we have come to a design that will provide the family an effective and beautiful environment to have as the “heart of their home”.

In speaking with the homeowner about her dream kitchen, I learned that the couple spent their honeymoon in Utah.  They were taken with the beauty of the area, specifically of Bryce Canyon.  They were so enamored that they named their oldest son after the canyon.  The kitchen design will reflect the natural hues and tones of the Southwest, which are ever present in this region, with golden stained cherry cabinetry and slate and copper accents.  Absolute black honed granite countertops will adorn the breakfast peninsula that will provide both eating area as well as additional homework area as the couple’s teenage boys peruse their final years of school.

I am excited about the rebirth of this part of this family’s home!  Please follow our progress as we peel back the layers of accumulated years, and give this family home a fresh new beginning. Some of the design process steps follow.

Brookside NJ Kitchen Plans

Before a color or finish can be selected a floor plan must be settled on. Adequate storage needs will be addressed as well as traffic flows, work flows, and continuity to the rest of the home. Another important consideration is how the new kitchen will incorporate the outdoors including traffic flow and views. Finally a design is established and finish selections can begin.

Brookside, NJ (Mendham Twp) – Kitchen  Design Boards

Once the floor plan and elevations are finalized the real fun begins with final finish selections. Various materials, colors, fabrics, and accessories can now be sourced, reviewed, mixed and matched, until the final look can be visualized. Though very time consuming and a very broad knowledge of what materials are available is needed, this type of planning ensures the final project will be exactly what you want. Mistakes or often hindsight are very expensive at this point or you may end up with a project that never really hits the mark. This design has progressed to the point where the construction can actually begin. With that said stay tuned as changes often occur once the project actually gets underway.

Brookside NJ Kitchen Design Board

Brookside NJ Kitchen (Mendham Twp) – Completed!

Well, as you will see this project is complete, finished, 100%!!! We often wish that projects could end with a big curtain being drawn back with the grand reveal happening all in one exciting moment. While that does happen on occasion, generally finishing a project comes down to many little details and final visits from the plumber, electrician, carpenter, etc. Then after every detail is complete we get to relax and let the photographer take some photos.

This fantastic Brookside NJ Kitchen started with some ideas, requirements to increase storage space and overall utility, as well a strong desire to stay true to the original Bungalow Style of the home. What emerge from careful planning, material sourcing, and excellent craftsmanship is an incredible kitchen that although “New” looks perfectly in place with the nearly 100 year old home. Timeless materials, like stainless steel, solid woods, granite, and slate will last for decades and are a perfect compliment to this wonderful home.

Brookside NJ Kitchen Finished 1The 12 x 12 Pennsylvania Slate can be seen fully installed with the excellent choice of gray grout to both minimize the grout lines and give a more natural appearance. The variations in the slate are each interesting but blend together to create a very beautiful foundation to the room that looks very substantial and even colorful. The stainless appliances are clean and neat but also reflect the colors of the floor, and cabinets looking right at home.

Brookside NJ Kitchen Finished 2Ok, what is better than a nice large window to look out in the backyard right over the kitchen sink, almost nothing! While the overall window size was not greatly increased its presence was with larger more appropriate trim. Of course adding modern crank-out windows was a great improvement for both energy savings and regulating air flow.

This gives a great view of the under-mounted stainless sink – super easy to clean and it looks spectacular.

Brookside NJ Kitchen Vaulted Ceiling

What you are seeing here is the view where a wall once was! By removing a wall a new counter was able to be incorporated into the kitchen. This opened up the kitchen to feel much and actually be much larger, accommodate today’s lifestyle of more informal meals, and makes the entire kitchen, and dinning area one space. In addition you can now see the desk that was added complete with a must-have computer. The family can now all be in this room together, doing homework, eating, cooking, and conversing all in the same room.

The added interest of the now vaulted ceiling and exposed original beams can also now be seen

Brookside NJ Kitchen Wood Floors - Finished

Here is the view that really shows what a wonderful room this kitchen has become. WOW! Everything is seamlessly integrated like it was built this way originally. You will notice a few more features from this angle. A new pantry area was established behind the double doors, the wood floor in the dinning area can be seen, and the new recessed and pendant lighting is visible.

This kitchen is the product of professional planning, careful materials selection, listening to the owner’s goals for the room, and painstaking attention to details during construction. It is a dream kitchen that delivers tremendous value too as we were able to complete it with semi-custom cabinets, readily available materials, and one of our really efficient contractors.

Can we help you with a design project, remodeling, or kitchen, call us for a free consultation!

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