Here come the holidays!

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Painting, refurbishing

Fall is a great time for home remodeling!


Dining Room Chester NJ

Interior Design Mendham NJ 06

Autumn and the holidays are a great excuse for sprucing up the home! Will you have out of town friends and relatives staying with you? Do you feel ready? Don’t panic! You don’t have time to totally remodel at this point (that will have a spring deadline), but we can certainly freshen things up!

How about a color change in the kitchen? Could the family room use a little attention? How about a new piece of artwork for the guest room or the dining room? Maybe its just a quick makeover? Some new intentionally placed key accent pieces?


Thanksgiving accent peices

Thanksgiving accent pieces

benjamin moore color of the year




Why not call Loree Designs Inc of Mendham to come for a free consultation?  (973) 886 2372. Lets have fun with it!   Wed love to speak with you!









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