Bathroom Remodeling and Design by Loree Designs

Bathroom remodeling is almost necessary in any home older than 20 years.  There are so many new and fabulous fixtures and accessories now available, it’s a shame not to utilize them in a makeover!  The process begins when you realize the need!  Once you are interested in making some changes we sit down to discuss the viable options.  There usually are many plausible considerations.  At Loree Designs, we sift  through the design concepts that seem intriguing but may not be the best suited for your custom space, to realize  all viable options for you to consider.

Bathroom Design Plans

Below are some examples of bathroom floor plans. Note that each design remodel is custom to the clients personal requirements, styles, and materials choices. The planning stage is the time to address needs for additional storage, impact on adjoining rooms, and of course issues with plumbing.  A bathroom remodeling project should always increase the room’s utility as well as reflect the personality of the owner including their choices in woods, tiles, colors, fixtures, and overall preferences about the room’s environment.

Bathroom Design Plans – Randolph NJ

Bathroom Design Plans Randolph NJ

Bathroom Design Boards

Design boards make the black and white plans come to life. With a mix of elevations and materials the client can see how everything will come together including colors and textures. Actual samples of woods, fabrics, and stone are displayed together with elevations and photographs to really create an image of what the final bathroom design will look like when constructed. Making changes now to materials is much easier than when in the middle of construction and less costly as well. Once materials are selected, and a plan set Loree Designs can also prepare a budget for the completion of the final bathroom design.

Bathroom Remodeling – Randolph, NJ

Bathroon Remodel Summit NJ

Bathroom Remodeling – Randolph, NJ

Bathroon Remodel Randolph NJ


Finished Bathrooms

Following is a gallery of bathroom remodels we have created over the years. The locations are Mendham, NJ – Brookside, NJ – Bernardsville, NJ – Chester, NJ – Randolph, NJ and more. We service the entire North and Central NJ area providing bathroom design, remodeling, and final build. If you have a bathroom that has become outdated, is no longer functional, or you just want to create the luxury bathroom of your dreams, lets talk. Please call us for additional information – our initial consultation is always free of charge.

Randolph NJ Bathroom Finished 1

Randolph NJ Bathroom Finished 2

Bathroom Remodeling Mendham NJ        Summit NJ Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Mendham NJ       Bathroom Remodeling Chester NJ

Bathroom Remodeling Randolph 01   Bathroom Remodeling Randolph 02

Bathroom Remodeling Randolph 03

Mendham NJ Bathroom Design 2      Mendham NJ Bathroom Design 3

Mendham NJ Bathroom Design 1